Friday, July 22, 2011

What's Wrong with THIS Avocado?

Shall we play the "what's wrong with this avocado" game again? Note the "star like" scarring on this thin, green skinned avocado.

The answer is again - there is NOTHING wrong with the flesh of this avocado. It's perfect to eat. In fact, the scarring of this avocado happened while it was still a "flower" - in the bud stage. A mite chewed on the bud while it was tiny - and caused the fruit to grow out with this star-like scar.

What does that mean for you? A. It's an indicator that no toxic insecticide for mites was used, and B. It's ok to choose this avocado and eat it (even if it doesn't look "perfect") - like you might find in the store.

Does it mean it is "organic" - no. Organic means a LOT more (e.g. - no pesiticides, no herbicides, for years and years on the ranch - its very complicated). However - the "star scar" is an indicator that the rancher is probably smaller AND doesn't over-spray.

One other note - remember that ALL avocados should be washed before you eat them. Like all fruits - they have "stuff" on the skin that could get cut into the flesh when you open them. "Stuff" like pesticides, herbicides, etc. ALSO -- even if they are organic - they will have dust, bird poo or even mite droppings! So wash with soap for at least 30 seconds (they say "sing the ABC song" = 30 seconds) then rinse well with water.

To conclude - there's NOTHING wrong with this avocado's delicious FLESH - and maybe the star-scar is even a "badge of accomplishment" - this little guy survived a nibble by a mite and grew up to be a delicious fruit with less pesticides.

Would you buy a "star scarred" avo now?! Let us know!


  1. I would buy it now - even look for it! Less pesticides perhaps with that unique scar pattern.

  2. Star of approval:)