Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's wrong with this avocado?

Would you buy this avocado? What's wrong with it? What's wrong with us?

These are kind of trick questions - because this is a Bacon variety - so actually, there is nothing wrong with this avocado. The blemish is from rubbing against the bark of the tree. Yes - its pretty extreme on this one; however, the blemish won't affect the quality of it's flesh - because avocados are ROCK HARD while on the tree. Plus - almost ALWAYS Bacon avocados will have some blemishes on them (usually much smaller - but because it is so thin skinned, they always blemish).

But this avocado will NEVER make it to market. In fact, a Bacon probably won't make it to market ever - even if were perfect - because it's not "in style". Bacon's are lighter in oil and not as highly desired as Hass (the kind you see 99% of the time in grocery stores). There's nothing wrong with a Hass. There's nothing wrong with this Bacon either.

So what's wrong with us - that we don't know enough about our food to know when a locally grown product is even good or not? I'm not blaming you -- I didn't really know until I started sourcing and buying avocados that there WERE all kinds of them. I thought they were all the same! But there are over 500 varieties of avocados in California - and probably over 1,000 world wide! Biodiversity is important - to life, to foods, to the bees, to the growers, to other insects, to how we eat, to life!

So -- what's wrong with this avocado? Would you buy it? Tell me why or why not.

Sigh and signed -- The Diva


  1. And now we pay "premium" prices for heirloom tomatoes that look all goofy, but taste delicious! Keep up the good work Diva.

  2. Now, that I have this delicious tidbit of information... yes, yes, I would buy this lovely avocado!

  3. I would buy it now that I have been educated about why it looks the way that it does!

    I wish that we were able to have more biodiversity, but in a time when you can still go into Kindergarten classrooms in a middle-class school and still find children who have NEVER tasted an apple... I think there is a bigger battle to fight in Florida. :-(

    Thank you for this interesting, educational avocado outlet! I will be adding you to the budget as soon as we are back in FL. (We are temporarily living out of state in a hotel... blah!)

  4. Well, I grown pears on my grandmothers tree. The skins do not look pretty like the ones in the store....but the deer locally have stopped eating from the tree...So I took them to church to give out to people....the kids went crazy for them...and the next time they saw me...OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABIES.......They told me Ms. Teresa, we found out with fresh fruit, the uglier the outside the better it tasted inside....not like the pretty ones from the store. the ugly homemade ones are better.....and I think they said it best.

  5. These are great comments. You are giving me hope. THANKS friends!

    I would like to "steal" the comment about "out of the mouths of babies" and the ugly fruit. Sometimes that is SO true! (Thinking of apricots too).


    Keep your comments coming. I love it so much.

  6. Thanks for the info. I would love to have the option to buy these in the store. It's too bad that it all comes down to us being ignorant as consumers and always having to have things look a certain way. We miss out on so much by having been trained by marketers to look for pretty packages. Makes me feel really ignorant but I'm glad you set me straight. I will think about this lesson when I see fruits and veggies that are different. Thanks!