Saturday, July 2, 2011

What do John Wayne and Organic have in common?!?

What do John Wayne and organic avocados have in common? Read the Diva's blog to find out more...
Are ALL the Diva's avocados organic? The answer to that is no and sometimes. Let me explain. The Diva sources her avocados from several small farms and ranches all over Ventura County - in order to find what we lovingly call "heritage" or "heirloom" avocados. Some farms and ranches use pesticides, others don't, some - well... let me tell you a story...
Some of these old farmers have trees like none you have never seen before. These are not the "whussie" trees, all in straight lines, all trimmed to the same shape and size. No - these are "John Wayne" like ranchers. These guys have trees that are HUGE and OLD and no ranch hand in their RIGHT MIND would climb up the ladder to get the avocados -- these trees do NOT need any pesticides!
NO, these trees are MIGHTY GIANTS. Amazing trees with amazing fruit. So are they certified organic?! NO. John Wayne is NOT going to do all that fancy, schmancy red-tape, hoop jump'n.

Imagine you are with me -- as one "John Wayne" rancher spits tobacco juice near my foot, - he explains how he NEVER uses pesticides on "that there tree". "Don't need it. Never has, never will".

On a more serious note - we DO sell some certified organic product. Right now its summer, so we can get Certified Organic Hass and Lamb. Check out this link to order some for yourself. Or if you'd rather have some "John Wayne" styled "organic" - order the Edrinol. Some poor ranch hand will climb a HUGE ladder and get you some. No extra charge for the tobacco juice.

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