Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ripen Your Avocado Faster

Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to eat your delicious heritage avocado - and its not ripe yet! So here is a test we are doing at the Diva's office (we did this Friday, 7/29/11).

To ripen avocados faster - you put them in a nice, thick paper bag (we send you a great one with your order). To make it go even faster - you can put in a fruit that produces ethylene, like a tomatoes, bananas or apples.

So we were wondering what works BEST -- green bananas? Ripe bananas? or apples? We put 3 avocados into each of 3 bags -
(a) with ripe bananas
(b) with green bananas
(c) with apples

We'll open them up on Tuesday and see which ones are the ripest and let ya'll know.

BTW - are you ever worried if you order a box of avocados from the Diva that they will go to waste? No way - we ship them right off the tree - so they are very hard (don't get damaged in shipment that way). Then we send you detailed instructions as well as a "Diva ripening bag" - so you can stagger the avocados to ripen over a long period of time.

Order some today! They are beautiful, full of minerals, protein and DELICIOUS!


  1. I'm looking forward to the results- it took a long time for our lambs you sent to ripen even in a bag with a banana- the timing worked out though as my brother and family went on a one week cruise right after they received your avos and when they returned they were ripe.
    Michelle Berg

  2. Michelle Berg just wrote that comment :)

  3. Good to know! Lamb avocados are VERY dense and quite hard when they come off the tree -- I am finding they are taking a week to 10 days to ripen on the counter.