Monday, July 18, 2011

Compare and Contrast "store" avocado to the Diva's AVOCADO

Twice this week I had a "skeptical" avocado discussion. These 2 people I know are dear friends and family (here in California) and each were wondering why anyone would buy an avocado online. So here is my response. "Size matters!" (Tongue in cheek). The avocado on the left (with the label) is a typical grocery store avocado. You can see that it is MUCH smaller - about 1/3 the size of the heritage avocado (a Bacon variety) on the right.

Now not ALL of the Diva's avocados are this huge -- some varieties (like a Bacon or a Lamb) are always very large, while others (organic, Mexican variety (from Cali - but a Mexican varital)) are always small. But the point is - the Diva's avocados are premium - large, robust, bright, right from the tree. You definitely get what you pay for.

Here's a list of other reasons that people might buy our premium avocados. Can you add yours too in the comments?! The Diva wants to know...

1. You can get unique avocados you won't find in the store.
2. They come right from the tree to your house.
3. We can get real California avocados - in season - (not from storage or foreign countries) all year round, because we source many kinds (not just Hass).
4.... what do you say?!... please comment.


  1. I like that I can order a unique California gift for my friends who miss California. This is a fun way to send "sunshine".

  2. I can't wait to order some because I bought an avocado at the store this week that was gross! I didn't know there could be unappetizing avocados, but now I know.

    I can't wait to see how the different varieties compare with the same ol', same ol' Haas that I can get in Florida.

  3. I like the flavor of the other varieties! Didn't even know there WERE other kinds until I came across your site. We did a taste test and the Pinkertons were awesome.

  4. I like that I can buy them straight from the tree, and help support a smaller farm. Can't wait for my next shipment!

    Sandra K.