Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Recap - Carpinteria Avocado Festival

Seriously - what could be better than avocados, California wine and hand-crafted treasures on the beach? Throw in a spectacular fall day - and it's seriously the California lifestyle at its very best.

Here are some photos of all that was there. Put next year's dates on your calendar NOW and make sure you visit. It was a great event for kids, parents, singles, -- any one with a pulse. ;-)

List of Photos covered: 

  • Avocado Chocolate Truffles
  • Palm Trees on Linden Avenue (Festie Site)
  • Local growers sell premium fruit
  • Loads of bands and dancers
  • Unique foods - like Avo Ice Cream
  • A good mile or two of booths - crafts & food
  • Avocado Pie - new offering!
  • Hit the beach afterwards - surf, boogie board, rest or fish

Next year it's October 5 - 7, 2012. Mark it down now and go!

Palm trees and avocados - Diva's paradise!

Jean-Michel Carre holding a cocoa pod at his store
where he created
avocado truffles for the festival (Chocolats du CaliBressan

A little avocado colored cutie

HUGE premium avocados for sale!

The Diva's little avocados 

McConnell's (local store) makes an ice cream - yum!

A new treat this year - looked super yum!

The owner Ali came out to show the pie

Hitting the beach after a guacamole burger

Avocado colored umbrella at Carpinteria beach = heaven

Diva's son catching surf perch

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