Monday, October 10, 2011

The Diva Needs YOUR Input - Avo Tour?!

HUGE avocado trees growing near Somis

Do you ever wish you were "the Diva"?! Wish you could do things the Diva gets to do, see, experience, and visit? 
Here's a list of things she is wondering if YOU would like to see, do, experience, visit...
  • Small orchards with several varieties of avocados
  • Beautiful farms and orchards
  • Farm animals 
  • Pick Your Own Farms
  • Historic Farm Houses & Ranches
  • How to Plant/Graft Avocado Trees
  • Amazing landscapes with lemon, orange, avocado orchards - plus flowers, cactus, field crops
  • Bee / Honey Farm with Avocado Honey
  • Mexican restaurants with killer guacamole
  • Gourmet restaurants that will make use avocado-dishes WAY beyond guac
  • Beautiful "vanity" orchards (like vineyards)
    A salsa factory
  • A processing factory (for avos, lemons, oranges)
  • A nursery that specializes in avocado trees/grafting
  • A "specimen" grove (with all kinds of weird, unique avocados and/or citrus?)
  • Farmers Market(s)
  • Certified Organic Orchard/Farm

Would you be willing to list your top 3 "YES PLEASE!" on the comments? 
And help her: what price range would you be willing to pay - for a bus/van, meal and seeing some of these things? 
She is wondering is she should bother to put together such a thing. (We think YES -- but we gotta get her some info...)
Thanks for your input Avocado Peeps! The Diva appreciates your kind help. 

1 comment:

  1. 1-Mexican restaurant - $20-30

    2-farmers Market - $10

    3- Gourmet restaurant - $30-40

    4- Farms and other places - $10-20