Friday, September 23, 2011

Crazy, Wicked, 4 Course Avocado Dinner

Do you LOVE avocados?! WARNING - this post will make your mouth WATER and maybe your EYES CRY (if you live far away from Moorpark...) 
Check out this menu by the Executive Chef (John Paolone) at Fabio Viviani's (Top Chef Fan Favorite) from Cafe Firenze
Avocado and tuna crudo, balsamic miso, butter poached asparagus cracked pepper and EVO
- Paired with Mexicola Heritage avocado
 Avocado crab ravioli, blister cherry tomatoes, basil white wine reduction  
- Paired with Morro Bay Late Season Hass Avocado (note: Late Season Morro Bay avocados are prized for their dense, fatty, huge flavor!)
 Grilled pork tenderloin, savory avocado and sundried tomato risotto
- Paired with Lamb Avocado
Avocado panna cotta,infused with vanilla and lemon essence
- Paired with MacArthur Heritage Avocado  
Plus a special avocado martini!
The Diva feels honored that these chefs and the master mixologist are using my Heritage Avocados in their special "4 Course Avocado Dinner" next week.  I dropped off several cases of avocados yesterday. Can't wait to see how this all turns out!  I did get to sample the Panna Cotta - it was to.die.for.  
If you want to come -- call the restaurant at 805-532-0048 ASAP. It's next Thursday (Sept 29). $55 for the 4 course menu plus the martini. (For those of you who live far away... so sorry! Wish you could be here. Let the drooling begin.)

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