Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ripe Bananas Work the Best...(to ripen Avocados)

We did a test this past week to see what works best to "speed up" avocado ripening.

[Please see this blog post for the exact details of how we did that.]

Bottom line: Yellow, ripe bananas worked the best. Next was the green bananas and then the apples.

All 3 of the avocados were ripe in the paper bag with the yellow bananas. The other 2 bags only had one of the 3 "sort-of ripe" after 5 days.

The one that DID ripen fastest was a Hass. The two others (a Pinkerton and a Lamb) were not ripened -- and are still in the bag. We will open them up tomorrow to see if they are ready. We hope so - we have a BIG tasting at a local community organization on Thursday night -- so -- we need those babies to be ripe!

In the mean time, we put the rest in with the yellow bananas and are keeping our fingers crossed.

Have you ever tried using the old "paper bag" trick? How about adding another fruit to ripen your avos quicker?! Let us know if you have special tricks.

Peace Out Friends!


  1. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to give the brown banana trick a go x

  2. You are welcome Ringo! I heard from another customer that keeping them in the box we ship in works even better than a bag! Probably the cardboard is more "stable" or "strong" for holding in the gasses released by the fruit.