Thursday, May 24, 2012

Which Avocado is the BEST?!

Reed, Hass and Lamb varieties
Various heirloom tomatoes at the local farm
People often ask the Avocado Diva questions like...

a. Which avocado is the BEST?

b. What is a "heritage" avocado?

c. What is your favorite avocado?

d. Which one should I buy?

So here's some answers for ya.....

a. The BEST avocado is the one that is in season.

b. A "heritage" avocado is like an "heirloom" tomato.

c. My favorite avocado is the ripe one.

d. You should buy the Avocado Diva's in-season heritage avocado.

To get them - join my Diva club and I'll get them shipped out to you each month!

Easy Peasy.

Love- The Avocado Diva

Friday, May 11, 2012

Real Food Doesn't Need a Label

I think that this graphic just about says it all.

It was made by Pepper Culpepper of
(She was very kind and made it for me one day!)

But if this heritage avocado DID have a label - here are some of the wonderful things it might say:

KIND OF AVOCADO:  A rare "Matthew Davis" (click on link for more info about how the Avocado Diva and fans are saving these rare trees!).


ORIGIN: Ventura, California

NUTRITION: (from the California Avocado Commission)

Ever MORE amazing is how low in fat an avocado serving can be when compared to things like butter, sour cream mayonnaise or cheese!

Check out these stats - and then substitute a couple slices of avocado INSTEAD of butter or cheese  and save HUNDREDS of calories!

If you'd like to have delicious, right off the tree, in season heritage avocados shipped to you each month - please visit our site and join our "Diva Club"!  Thanks.