Monday, April 2, 2012

Why does my avocado turn brown?!

An amazing Fuerte avocado - this is after 1 hour
One of the most common questions that the Diva get's is:
"Why does my avocado (or guacamole) turn brown?"

Answer -- to get to the other side!!  ha ha

Oh wait, wrong answer.

Correct Answer: Avocados "oxidize" when they are exposed to air. Just like an apple or a potato.

Here are several ways you can keep your avocado from going brown too fast:

  1. Use an acid on the flesh (lemon juice, lime juice are often used). 
  2. Use a non-metal knife to cut the avocado (ceramic, plastic or teflon coated). 
  3. Eat a really fresh avocado (like my heritage avocados!)
  4. When done, store with a tight fitting plastic (wrap or tool). 
See the picture of the avocado above? Would you believe I set it out for over an hour with out treating it? I cut it up for my daughter's lunch - but then got sidetracked - for an hour. 

I was AMAZED when I came back and saw how little it had "browned"!!  But then again, my Avocado Diva avocados are REALLY fresh. They don't travel thousands of miles from another (3rd world) country. They don't sit in refrigerated trains or semi-trucks. They aren't "gassed" to get them to ripen. 

Order a box and try them for yourself!


  1. man I love this website I needed to find the answer for homework "why do avocados turn brown" man it really helped me so now ima get an A+ AT SCHOOOOOLLL!!! YAY THANK YOU SO MUCH AVOCADO DIVA <3 LOVE MARIAH ;)