Monday, March 5, 2012

Wakey Wakey - Eggs and Bacey (Bacon Avocados!)

Can I just share that I live in paradise?    No?  Too bad... ;-)  Keep reading for the recipe...

Can I just share that I live in paradise? This is a photo of a sunset (I wanted you to think its a sun rise - but seriously -- the Diva does not get up that early) from my neighbor's porch. It's actually my sister's porch (who is also my neighbor) - so how lucky is that?

Anyway - it's sunrise (as far as you know) - so it's time to cook some eggs and BACON! Bacon avocados that is. This is so easy.

1. Cut a Bacon avocado in half and de-pit. The cut out 2 nice slices (see photo) from each half (so you have 4 total).  (Save the "butt" pieces for something else - or just eat them. YUM!) Be sure an peel the pieces too.

2. Heat up some avocado oil (or EVOO if you are not lucky enough to have avocado oil).

3. Sprinkle the Diva's Guacamole spices mix on the avocado slices and slide them into the hot, oiled pan.

4. Immediately crack an egg into the avocado's "pit hole" (no crude jokes necessary here...). Add a pinch more Guacamole Spice mix.

5. Fry until firm - then flip over. Add another pinch of spices and cook for another minute or two.

6. Slide onto a plate and enjoy!

It's delicious with a side of tomatoes or salsa. Bacon avocados are available in the winter time. They are quite large and full of oil making them creamy and delicious.

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