Monday, March 12, 2012

Green = Most Vitamins and Minerals

Lamb - note the darker green flesh next to skin
If you want to get the MOST vitamins and minerals out of your avocado - then follow this simple trick:

Make sure you get all the deep GREEN flesh! 

That's right, either
PEEL your avocado's skin
SCRAPE the skin with a spoon

The deeper the green color, the more vitamins and minerals in that part of the fruit's flesh.

If you have a winter avocado (which are typically thin-skinned) or a green avocado - those are usually best peeled. Winter avocados are also known as "greens" because they often don't turn black as they ripen. These varieties include Bacon, Zutano, Santanas and more.

Some avocados are "in between" - they ripen in spring and have green skins with some bumps - so you could peel or scrape. These varieties include Pinkertons & Gwens.

One exception is the Mexicola avocado (ripens in summer) - they are VERY thin skinned and are almost purple/black. The skin is SO thin and delicious, you can eat it! Kind of like a plum.

If you have the summer type of avocado (like a Hass, Lamb, MacArthur, Edrinol) they have thicker, bumpier skins and you can usually scrape out the flesh with a spoon.

Some avocados have REALLY thick skins (e.g. - the Reed or Nabal) and you can even use the empty skin like bowls. In fact, those varieties are SO thick skinned that you cannot tell they are ripe by squeezing them - you need to push on the stem (like a cantaloupe) to see if it moves or "gives" -- and that's how you can tell if these very round, large, hard-skinned avocados are ripe.

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