Thursday, January 19, 2012

Super Guac Sunday (PLAN AHEAD!)

YUMMINESS on Super Bowl Sunday requires forethought!
Super Bowl Sunday has become known as “Super Guacamole Sunday”.  Which makes sense, right – since we’re watching an All American Game – and eating a Mexican inspired snack.  Wait – what?!

This is a FAIL - not allowed -- (cringe...)
Anyway – the thing is, we LOVE us some guacamole.


Avocados must be purchased ahead of time and allowed to ripen. DO not (under any circumstances…) eat that green sauce from a bottle they call “quick --a-mole” or some such nonsense. Plan ahead people!

Buy your avocados NOW – from me or from your farmers market – and put them in paper bags and cardboard boxes – so they ripen from today (mid January) until the “big game day” (Feb 5 this year).

Right now we have a Super Bowl guacamole kit – with the Avocado Diva’s special guacamole spice mix, a bottle of the super-manly “Tapitio” hot sauce and a special plastic knife to cut up your avocados (side note: when you cut avos with a plastic knife, they don’t turn brown as quickly!).

The Diva's SuperBowl Guac Kit $29.95
But you gotta order AHEAD of TIME – as we ship the just-picked avocados and they are hard. We can’t ship them soft – or they would turn into guacamole – courtesy of the U.S. Post Office.

Best wishes friends! Raise a chip filled with guacamole on game day and enjoy this all American day! 

The Diva

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