Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's time for BACON (avocados, that is!)

A Bacon avocado next to a grocery store Hass in Winter

Check out a Bacon (heritage variety) of avocado compared to a foreign grown, typical grocery store avocado you might find in the store during winter. 
Bacon avocados are a wonderful, winter avocado that grows well here in Moorpark. Bacons do not TASTE like pork-bacon; however, they are just as delicious as bacon! (Note: heritage varieties are often named after the grower who discovered or grafted them, in this case "Mr. Bacon".) 
Bacon avocados are LARGE, bright GREEN and do not turn black as they ripen. Their skin is really, really thin. You can order at my website www.AvocadoDiva.com. These are also the kind we will ship to our "Diva Club" (avo of the month club) members. They are WONDERFUL this time of year - when the only thing you can find in the super market are the last of the imported, small, black, "yucky" avocados from other countries. (Sorry -- but its true!).
If you are hungry for some SuperBowl guacamole - the Bacon avocado makes a great guacamole! Buy them ahead of time (like in the next week to 10 days) so they will be ripe by Feb 5 for the big game! 
Bacon avocados often have "beauty marks" (dark, black marks on them) from swinging in the winds of December/January. They can also have brown blemishes that look like a patch of sand paper on the skin - this is where the avocado might have brushed against the rough bark of the tree. One other blemish common to a Bacon variety is the "star" mark you can see at the top of the stem - radiating out from the stem around the top. This is from a certain kind of mite that likes to eat the blossom (months and months ago). None of these marks will harm the avocado -- but it does make them not "commercially viable" (like the more common Hass). They aren't always so "beautiful" -- but they TASTE great!  
So order some Bacons and check out more BACON recipes here:
www.AvocadoDiva.com Recipes
A typical "star mark" on a Bacon avocado - just means a bug nibbled on it's blossom last spring. No worries!

Why Bacon's are not "commercial" fruit. These marks from the wind are common - but don't harm the flesh/taste!


  1. So even if they look ugly - they are still good? I would NOT pick this avocado up at the store -- (the one with the brown stuff on it). Are you sure they are ok?

  2. Thank you for the comment! Yes - they are not only good, they are GREAT! Avocados are ROCK hard on the tree -- and the blemishes like this are from the fruit rubbing agains the bark, the leaves or against other avocados. They flesh is not damaged. Unlike avocados that turn black as they ripen, Bacon's stay green and you can see the marks -- (believe it or not, black avocados might have marks too - you just can't see them).