Saturday, December 17, 2011

Winter Avocados Make A Light Fruit Salad

Winter Fuyu Persimmons and Winter Avocados (Bacon featured here) along with
California nuts make a unique and delicious fruit salad. 

In California - we are lucky enough to even have farmer's markets in the winter. In December - we can get beautiful fruits - like winter avocados, Fuyu persimmons and all kinds of nuts. With the Diva's basket full of these delicious items - she "tisket - a - tasket-ed" home last night from our local farmer’s market and put a beautiful salad together. 
This would make an AWESOME salad for your Christmas, holiday or New Year’s party!
This is a unique way to make a real “FRUIT” salad using the lighter tasting avocados. The sweetness of the persimmons goes so well with the creamy taste of the winter avocado – and the crunch of the nuts. Then top with a light vinaigrette made of champagne – YUM! Unique and delicious! So colorful too.
These are ALSO the same items she shipped out to some of our lucky customers during this past week. Diva club members are getting winter avocados (that are often lighter, more fruity than the oil-filled summer varieties). They make GREAT fruit salads. She often ships our customers "rancher's freebies" - like lemons, grapefruits, pomegranates or in this case, persimmons! 
If you’re still looking for a unique holiday gift – why not send avocados, a gift certificate or (best of all) – sign up for our “Avocado of the Month” club (the Diva Club) and get ALL of our avocados and California fruits through out all the seasons.

I hope your holidays are full of green – green avocados!  Merry Christmas from the Avocado Diva. 

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