Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays -- Eat Your Cake and Enjoy It Too!

Yummy Goodness - at less than 1/2 the calories of butter, cheese, mayo...
It's almost Christmas - it's already Chanukah, soon it will be New Years - so Happy Holidays everyone! Why not celebrate with some delicious, healthy, nutritious California winter avocados? Here are some AMAZING statistics on how you can indulge - and still reduce the calories!

This is from the California Avocado Commission's web site (
The Avocado Diva has a BUNCH of recipes on her website too -- using beautiful winter avocados in fruit salads (with pomegranates, persimmons), a darling Christmas Tree made out of avocado slices and ideas on how to bake using avocado as a substitute for some of the butter, oil and eggs.

Please visit here to check them all out: Recipes

Happy Holidays friends and enjoy your avocados!!!

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