Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Winter Avocados ALMOST Here...

Winter Avocado Variety: Fuerte - Delicious! 

Did you know there are "summer" avocados and "winter" avocados? They are an interesting fruit -- with over 500 varieties in California alone. There are over 1,500 kinds world wide. 
Most people only know about the "classic" summer fruit -- Hass.  (It's pronounced like it's spelled folks... my kids feel like they get a pass on a cuss word...) 
ANYWAY - right now, in November, we are between the two seasons. But soon -- like in the next 10 days or so -- the first of the winter fruits will start to be ready for pick'n. 
Here is what will become available soon:
First - Zutano
Second - Bacon
Then - Fuerte
These are classic, thin skinned, "green", winter varieties. They start out with little oil - so they are lower in fat and calories - perfect for salads and to whiz up in the blender for protein filled smoothies or frothy desserts (add milk and sugar).
As the season progresses into January and February - they gain more and more oil and flavor.  I personally LOVE Bacon avocados - they are a large, beautiful, light green flesh that makes for perfect slices - and delicious sauces too!
So keep your eyes out for Winter varieties soon.
If you find California Hass or Lamb - they are VERY late season and will be REALLY FULL of oil -- maybe even starting to turn (e.g. - they can get rancid!) -- so taste test them -- and if they are good - CHOW DOWN! They will be super rich!
(P.S. -- Most of the avos in the stores are now from Chili and Mexico -- scrawny little things that have shipped a long, long way in not the best conditions (sometimes).  So be patient -- and wait for the cream of the Winter crop!


  1. I have heard that only Hass are good?!

  2. Hass are the most "common" and most well known of California avocados. There are loads of yummy avocado varieties - just like there are all kinds of apples or all kinds or oranges. Hass are good - in season (late spring to late fall) AND they do make great guacamole. But Hass are mostly good for the large processing system - think about it -- dark, bumpy skin that doesn't show bruises, thick skin (but not too thick) - so they can ride on conveyor belts - and they grow/ripen for a long season. But the 499 other kinds of California avocados all have their fine points as well! Just because they don't ride a conveyor belt or hide their bruises as well is no reason to diss them! For example: a Nabal is seriously the BEST flavor of avocado I have eaten. The flesh is amazingly soft and supple and creamy. Never heard of a Nabal? That's because most ranchers hoard them. ;-) Yes - they are that good. How about a Mexicola? These tiny avocados have an edible skin - and are so rich that I can barely eat a whole one. Delicious! Bacons - these are so flavorful and light and creamy -- I just LOVE them in the winter time. The also make great BBQed avocados. And to eat a Bacon on a BLT -- the best. So don't be a robot and believe ALL the marketing hype. Hass (and Lamb Hass) are great varieties. But there are hundreds other's you are missing out on!