Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to Ripen an Avocado


Now that you know Winter Variety Avocados are on their way (Zutano, Bacon, Fuerte - YUM!) here is the answer to the most common question the Avocado Diva hears:
"How do I ripen my avocado?"
Ripening Tips for Avocados:
(1) you CAN refrigerate them (in the crisper is best). Don't do it for too long (no more than a week or 10 days at max). This will extend their life. NOTE: commercially grown fruit is often given a "gassing" to ripen them before they go to the store. It's not harmful, but it will effect the length of time they can stay in a fridge. Whereas if you get them from the Diva or a Farmer's market or your neighbor - they will last longer.
(2) To ripen put on the counter in a cool, warm place (not hot).
(3) To ripen faster - put fruit together (several avos, or add apples/bananas to the bowl). They give off a chemical together that ripens themselves faster.
(4) To ripen FASTEST - put in a thick sided cardboard box or heavy paper bag (double a Trader Joe's bag, for example) - and add a big bunch of YELLOW bananas - fold it closed (staple it) and put in a warm, dry spot (like a sun ray!) The Diva has been able to ripen avocados for dinner that way... (not always -- but sometimes!) At the MOST they will ripen from rock hard to edible in 2 - 3 days.
The Diva ships you avocados RIGHT from the tree - so they DO arrive priority mail - very hard still.  We also ship a detailed instruction sheet on how to ripen them (so you can choose - to ripen them all at once -- or "string them out" over a few weeks and enjoy your avocados for a long time!)  We also send you a special "Diva ripening bag" to help you get started.  Why not order a box today? Or better yet, join our "Diva Club - and help save Heritage Avocado Trees - plus be the FIRST to get the best of the best for that month.  We love our Diva Club Members!

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