Monday, November 21, 2011

Avocados for Thanksgiving?!

Winter avocados and late-season Hass avocados make a great addition to your Thanksgiving table. Zutanos and small Bacon's are just ripening - and can add color, flavor, creaminess as well as loads of protien, vitamins, minerals and much needed fiber to your traditional turkey dinner. 
The Diva suggests you think about adding avocados like this:
(a) - add to your salad for extra fiber
(b) - make a delicious, healthy cream for the top of your pumpkin soup
(c) - create a healthy mousse with nutmeg & avos for a light dessert
If you want to be really "out there" with avocados - you can mash them up and add to your mashed potatoes! They add a delicate flavor (and they make the potatoes green! -- maybe a better idea for the day after Thanksgiving... ;-)
Add avocados to your Thanksgiving feast!
AFTER Thanksgiving - adding some slices of Zutano, Bacon or a late season Hass to your turkey sandwich really ups the deliciousness factor PLUS can help with your digestion the day after! 
Speaking of digestion - a tea made from the leaves of Mexicola avocados can help your liver and kidney de-tox from a "big holiday" of eating and drinking. 
For more info on heritage avocados (Mexicola, Zutano, Bacon), recipes, and avocado leaves for tea - please visit

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