Friday, September 16, 2011

September 16 - It's National Guacamole Day!

If you live in (ironically - no, not Mexico...) the U.S.A. - today is National Guacamole Day. So live it up. Squish an avocado - add some spices and citrus and enjoy!

The Diva's recipe for "Molecajete Guacamole" was recently allowed into the "Holy Guacamole" hall of fame at Guacamole University. (P.S. -- the Diva has a killer guacamole kit for gourmet type people - check it out here...).

EPIC FAIL alert: One time, the Diva was trying a new avocado - the Reed variety. It is really big, and round (like a cannon ball). She made a huge bowl of guacamole - one avocado filled a whole bowl. And it was AWFUL.  Reed's are pretty watery and light (not much fat). They are delicious sliced and put on a salad. Or blended into a smoothie with other fruits (like banana).  But as a guacamole - yuck.

So what kinds of avocados DO make good guac? Here is the Diva's "highly recommended" list:

  • MacArthur
  • Zutano
  • Bacon
  • Hass
  • Lamb
Check out the Diva's "avocado of the month" type club (called the Diva Club) and you can get all kinds of unique, in-season avocados delivered to your door - so you can make rock'n awesome guacamole too! 

If you just want to "dip your toes in" - try our One Box method and see how amazing fresh picked, unique, heritage avocados can be. 

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