Monday, September 12, 2011

New Product: Avocado Salt

How do YOU like to eat your avocado? Leave me a comment on this blog -- please?! Pretty please?!

One of the most common ways we hear from people is that they like to cut their avocado in half, squeeze a lemon on it -- sprinkle it with salt - and gobble it down. One sweet lady at church pointed out that an avocado is "really green" - meaning, it has it's own little disposable, ecological bowl.

The Diva - well, she likes her avocado with a squeeze of grapefruit juice (why be normal...) and then at least 5 kinds of sea salt (Hawaiian red, Australian flake, Himalayan pink, Hawaiian black and kosher too. Then -- some garlic.

And -- about 14 other spices. Not hot ones - just interesting ones - (she saves the spicy spices for guacamole). Like celery seed. And ground up cilantro bolletas (cilantro gone to seed - takes like lemon).  And 12 others that she won't spill the beans about.

She's kind of picky, that Diva.  And she get's tired of dragging out all those seasonings and grinding them up and adjusting the salts.  So now she has made a special "Avocado Salt" -- and is offering it JUST FOR YOU and other avocado aficionados.

You'll find it on her web site at  It comes with a cute little wooden spoon - made from a renewable wood source. So you can eat your avocado - with Diva salt - in it's own little, ecologically green bowl. ;-)

Order some today!


  1. OK... I thought long and hard about this.. ( I feel like Seinfield episode) My favorite way to eat an avocado is smashed up in a warm fresh tortilla:)

  2. i like mine raw...just wash it, cut it open with a spoon and eat it like that. i also LOVE it as a condiment or accessory to every salad, sandwich or soup/chili. i make guac for my kids with an avocado and a can of diced green chile tomatoes. i love the above comment - nothing like going to a tortilla factory or supermercado and getting fresh and hot tortillas and smushing avocado in one and devouring it. i also use avocadoes to make raw pudding - everyone raves about it! avocado, cacao powder, dates (i think that's it) blended until pudding-like and chilled.

  3. my top three would be...
    on a bacon cheeseburger
    on a turkey sangwich
    as guacamole and more guacamole, mostly with corn tortilla chips, but let's face it, you can eat it with anything.

  4. You ladies ROCK! Great ways to enjoy avocados.

    I have to admit, I sometimes drive 20 minutes to my favorite tiny, Mexican store (a total hole-in-the-wall) to buy their chips as they are evilly delicious and worthy of my heritage avocados... ;-)