Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Eat the Skin" Avocados - WTH?!

Check out these "heritage" avocados called "Mexicola". They are from a type of Mexican-origin tree that most modern avocado trees use as the root stock.

I think of these precious, weird, wonderful, unique avocados like people think of "heirloom" tomatoes. Heirloom tomatoes are weird looking - and delicious! Right?!

These tiny avocados are bright, shiny purple/black and you can eat the skin! Also - the leaves of a Mexicola tree can be used in cooking and as a spice (think "bay leaf"). I also use the leaves to make ice-tea - just boil them up, add some avocado honey - and a unique and delicious drink (warm or cold!). The tea is thought to have medicinal qualities as well (help with kidney cleansing and urinary tract health - at least that's what my Philippino friends say).

Who knew that you can use MANY parts of an avocado tree to cook with and eat? (WARNING: Do not do this with ANY OLD avocado leaf nor tree! Only the Mexicola! Others may be toxic!!)

There are over 500 types of avocados in California - so don't miss out on the wide variety of fruits that can add to your delicious life.

If you'd like to get unique, rare, "heritage" avocados delivered to your house each month - check out the Diva's club at and we'll ship them to you! It REALLY helps the Diva know ahead of time how many avocados to "wrangle" from all her weird, wild and unique ranchers and farmers. And you really are helping us "save" and preserve these trees that could disappear if we don't buy from our small farmers and ranchers. Bless you!

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