Friday, August 12, 2011

It was "avocado day" at the Ventura County Fair -- so...

It was "Avocado Day" at the Ventura County Fair -- so... the Diva took one of her Mac Arthur avocados TO the fair. It had a good time.

Here are some of the things "Mac" did at the fair. If you'd like to see pictures - visit his photo album on the Diva's FaceBook page here.

1. Went on the "monkey maze" with the little kids. (Almost got thrown out by security-dude with no sense of humor nor idea of how blogs work).
2. Saw award winning avocados (tried not to be intimidated).
3. Looked at the cotton candy, decided against it when he saw the ingredient's list.
4. Skirted around Mike Nunez from Calavo - who was passing out free guacamole (shuddered at his close brush with fate).
5. Saw some varieties he had never seen before (Nabals!)
6. Learned of a new variety (Dickerson). (Diva must now find some).
7. Went on the "Zombie" tunnel of love - cuddled with his Diva. ;-)
8. Perused the award winning wines (made a wish list).
9. Checked out the "top 10 list" of crops for the County (avocados are #6!)
10. Looked at the 4-H pigs - and found one that started out as a piglet that the Diva's son helped "birth. (The Diva's son is in 4-H).

All in all - Mr. Arthur had a good time. He did not want to leave. So at the end of the day - we left Mac Arthur on the tire hub of a super-cool looking 1940's, restored, green truck - outside of the concert arena. He was last seen rocking out to the oldies.

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