Thursday, July 7, 2011

Which is Your Favorite Farm Animal?

Do you love animals? Comment what is your favorite please!

One of the best parts of being the DIVA is driving around and talking with folks - about avocados (of course!). Invariably - there are also some farm animals about. The kitty who slinks up and winds herself around your leg. (I'm allergic to cats - so they ALWAYS find me and try to wrap around my body or sit on my head... what is UP with that?!). The dogs who might snarl and growl - and the rancher who always says "Oh, he's fine. He's really nice." (Uh huh... )

My favorites are the chickens and roosters. The rooster likes to strut around his hens and look very "cocky" (get it?!) They are all about the "chicken swag". Flashy feathers, big red comb, walk'n like they are the KING. And totally say'n "Do NOT mess with my chicks! These are MY babes." They crack me up.

Then sometimes there are UNUSUAL animals. The pigmy goats, the high-rise goats, llamas, alpacas too! Alpacas seem to be very chic and popular in the back hills of Ventura County for some reason. I think they are like "purse puppies" for avocado ranchers! Just bigger. And fluffier. And stinkier.

Finally - there are usually some of the "typical" farm animals - pigs, cows, sheep, regular goats, horses. Goats seem to be a big choice for keeping the weeds down between the trees. I see lots of horses too - often tail to nose - helping keep the flies off of each-other's faces with a swish of their tails. The sheep were out in force in spring - beautiful white dots in green pastures. They are gone now - must be in other pastures or something now - I don't see much sheep now that its hotter and summertime.

Soon it will be time for the Ventura County fair - and we'll see a LOT of these animals - with their 4-H kids showing them off. This is always a great time of year here in our farm area. So -- what is YOUR favorite farm animal? Leave a note in the comments and we'll see which animals is the most popular.

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