Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Roger" is growing like a weed!

Update on the Diva's latest "baby" - Roger.

He's growing like a weed! And like all good momma's, we shall make a video on our baby soon.

This week we'll create a video of how to plant "Roger" into a pot. So keep watching this blog to see step by step how to get YOUR avocado pit growing into a potted plant.

If you want info on how we got "Roger" to this stage, please see the two previous blog posts on this topic:

One recommendation: It's MUCH easier to grow a plant from a heritage avocado (especially those with big pits) like a Bacon or Gwen or Reed.


  1. Its been a year! How is Roger? :)

  2. So sweet! Roger is about 3 feet tall and he went to the Ventura County Fair for 2 weeks with the Diva and crew this past month. He had 3 "siblings" (pits in water) plus 1 little "sprouting" - to show people how they can try and grow a plant! He got lots of love (maybe too much...)