Monday, June 20, 2011

Yuck v. Yum! - Saving that other half of an avocado

If you've ever eaten just 1/2 an avocado (can't say that happens much to the Diva...) - you know how quickly it can turn from YUM into YUCK. Avocados oxidize quickly and can become an ugly, nasty black color. Within a day or so - they can also grow mold.

This photo shows 2 "Bacon" type variety avocados cut on the same day - one was refridgerated and stored in a nifty little invention called an "Avocado Saver" - the other just put on the counter. The photo was taken about 24 hours later. Obviously, the YUCK one didn't do as well as the one stored properly.

I kept the YUM one for 3 more days in the "Avocado Saver" and it stayed fine. By day 4 - it was starting to get brown... so... I ate it. ;-)

You can store avocados other ways too -- share with us all what is your favorite!

If you'd like to purchase the nifty "Avocado Saver" - you can find it in our store at the Avocado Diva Store.

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