Monday, June 27, 2011

Taste Test a Bunch of Avocado Varieties!

Some people don't even KNOW that there are many varieties of avocados. They look at the Diva like she's a nut job when she goes on and on about the differences between a Gwen and a Fuerte. Or don't get her started on a really rare avocado (like the Edranol)...

Inevitably, someone will ask the Diva for a taste test -- and out comes whatever 2 or 3 varieties are in season (along with some wine or margaritas!) as well as lemons and her special salt.

Oh -- just like that you get a PARTY going on!

So someone (the Bergs) asked her to put together a "taste test in a box" -- they wanted to have their OWN party! What a great idea. Thus a new product was born.

So if you'd like to try 2 or 3 in-season California avocados side by side -- and compare and contrast the flavors, textures, skin feel, sizes, mouth feel, etc. --- and become like the Diva herself -- we recommend you head on over to the Avocado Diva site and buy yourself a tasting box!

When your box arrives, get some beer or margaritas, and get your OWN party going on!

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