Friday, June 17, 2011

The Hass are in the House!

Wow - It's HASS picking time in Ventura County! Usually the Diva is kind of alone roaming the beautiful back country roads of our area -- but everywhere I went this week - I was almost run over by a semi-truck full of Hass!

Don't get me wrong, I love Hass. However, 95% of the market (and for the most part, the only kind you'll find in grocery store) are Hass. The Diva's passion is avocados, and secondly, "heritage" avocados. But when the Hass are in -- its all Hass, all the time! And they are #1 for a good reason. They are delicious! Firm, nutty, yummy California goodness!

But the Diva turns up her nose at most Hass. NO WAY is she going to ship you those "regular" avocados. No tiny, ugly, "pit rattling in the middle", yucky avocados for us Divas! I'll only get you the BEST, the BIGGEST, and right off the rancher's tree, direct to your door.

So if you'd like the BEST of the Hass -- in your house -- order a 6 pack today. You deserve them!

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