Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy and Healthy Birthday!

Twice this week the Diva has given avocados to someone for their birthday. Crazy?! Perhaps! But think about it. Avocados are the HEALTHIEST fruit you can get! They have high protien, loads of minerals, 3x the amount of potassium of a banana!

My DARLING niece turned one - and her mom had sent out an email saying they didn't NEED any more toys as the house was FULL! So -- I knew my little baby loves avocados -- and brought her some Bacons and some Pinkertons! I hear she has been gobbling them up all week. That makes me smile.

Next, a friend has a brother who moved away from California to the midwest. He misses California and complains they can't find avocados like we have out here. So, voila! She asked me to put together a six pack for him - and we wisked it off in the mail (priority) as soon as I got them from the rancher. I wish I could see the look on his face when he gets a box of rare, California, heritage avocados! That WILL be a unique gift!

How about you? Do you have someone you need to send a box of California sunshine to? Check out our various gifts - or let me know if you have a special request.

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  1. Yep- my mother sent them to me when I first moved to New York many years ago. There were avocados there, but not California avocados, which really are superior. Great gift!