Thursday, June 16, 2011

Easy Ways to Slice Your Avocado

I guess the Diva takes it for granted that EVERYONE knows how to cut, peel, slice an avocado - since she grew up with an avocado tree in her yard. But imagine my shock to find out that some people don't know how! It is very easy actually -- especially with our Diva slicers.

So far - our most popular products have been the slicers as well as the heritage avocados themselves!

So here is a tutorial on how to cut up and enjoy your heritage avocados:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unlike Hass -- SOME heritage avocados do better if you cut them "across" as opposed to the "regular" way (top to bottom). The avocados that are extremely "pear" shaped sometimes ripen more quickly on the long neck - so if you get a long neck type - then gently squeeze the top and see if its softer than the bottom. If it is - then cut across (take the top off baby!). Otherwise, follow these usual steps.
  1. Using a sharp knife, start at the top (stem) and cut down to the pit, cut around the whole avocado (with your knife hitting the pit) and then gently twist the avocado in two. The pit will stay in one side.

  2. If you have the "Avocado Diva's" BEST slicer - use the round loop to take the pit out. If not -- then people often hold the avocado (gulp) in their HAND and whack it with a dull knife. I would recommend you put it on a flat surface, with a towel underneath it and try the knife whack. The pit will stick to your knife. Twist slightly and pull it out.

  3. You will now have 2 avocado halves, with a "pit hole" on each side. There are several ways you can proceed from here:
a. Use one of our Diva slicers - and cut through the flesh releasing even slices. These are great for sandwiches, salads, or just as is - with a squeeze of lemon and some Diva spice salt! ;-)

b. You can also use the slices for mashing into a guacamole! Yum.

c. You can leave it whole -- and fill the pit with delicious fillings - like tuna salad or salsa or whatever you wish. Delicious!

d. If you don't have a slicer - its common to peel the avocado and then use its flesh (thin skinned, Heritage avocados peel very nicely!)

e. Some people hold the avocado in their hand (use a towel - my recommendation for safety!) - then "score" the flesh with a knife into squares -- and scoop out with a tablespoon.
In ANY case -- get into this delicious fruit. Avocados are SO healthful, full of protein, and have MORE minerals than any other fruit. Try one today!

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